Kimono Remnants and Bundles

Most of the kimono fabric in these bags and bundles dates from mid-late 20th century and may be salvaged  from old kimonos or as-new off the roll.
They're  popular  for a variety of quilting and other sewing projects or as gifts.

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Bulk Kimono Remnants

A 900g bag of mixed kimono and kimono lining remnants

$ 54.00

Bulk Silk Remnants

A 450g bag of silk kimono and kimono lining remnants

$ 54.00

Donsu Bundle

A selection of silk/silk blend traditional Donsu Japanese ...

$ 50.00

Dyer's Silk Bundle

A selection of six kimono silks suitable for dyeing.

$ 45.00

Dyer's Silk Bundle - Scarf lengths

Four scarf length pieces of kimono silk suitable for dyeing

$ 90.00

Japanese Quilt Inspirations

14 easy-to-make projects using Japanese fabrics

$ 30.00

Kimono Fabric Bundle

A bundle of kimono fabrics in your choice of colours.

$ 40.00

Mixed Kimono Remnants

A 200g bag of mixed kimono and kimono lining remnants in ...

$ 24.00


Traditional inspirations for using kimono remnants by ...

$ 36.00

Silk bundle

A bundle of kimono silk pieces in your choice of colour(s)

$ 35.00