Vintage Cotton

We stock a wide range of traditional Japanese cotton fabrics  from late 19th century hand-dyed and  woven pieces to late 20th century printed yukata fabrics.  Please feel free to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. And please keep an eye on our collectors' textiles section for larger lengths of fabric and other traditional cotton textiles.

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Antique Charm

A charm pack of antique Japanese cottons

$ 55.00

Antique Cotton Bundle

A bundle of antique Japanese cotton remnants.

$ 35.00

Boro Bundle

A bundle of patched and or holey antique indigo cotton ...

$ 90.00

Boro Play Pack

Vintage fabric, threads and needles.

$ 48.00

Komebukuro Kit

Traditional Komebukuro Rice Bag Kit

$ 55.00

Shibori Selection

A selection of four vintage indigo cotton shibori pieces

$ 50.00

Yukata Bundle

A selection of recycled and as-new lightweight cotton ...

$ 25.00