Katazome Futonji

Crane and pine katazome dyed motifs on old indigo cotton.

$ 660.00

This is the top of a futon cover in four katazome (stencil resist dyed)  dark indigo panels dating from late 19 -to early 20th century. It measures 148cm x 135 cm. The stencil resist has been repeated on the wrong side of the fabric creating an indigo and white design. Brown and grey details have been stencilled over the main design on the right side. The stencil work has quite a sketchy feel and some of the details, for example on the cranes head, seem to have been added by hand. This would have been part of a wedding trousseau with auspicious crane and pine motifs. Trousseau textiles such as this were often used on the wedding night and then stored away and so have survived in pristine condition, as this futon cover has.

Please let me know if you would like to see more photos of this item.