Kimono Fabric Bundle

A bundle of kimono fabrics in your choice of colours.

$ 40.00

This bundle has eight half metre pieces  (approx. 35cm x 50cm) of  as-new and/or used kimono fabric all in excellent - perfect condition. There will be a mix of fibres in each selection.  This is great for small projects or as a gift.
Please choose a base colour or one of the following themes from the drop down menu. If you'd like to specify a different colour or mix of colours please choose 'other' and give details in the space on the order form. I can't guarantee that all colours will be available but I'll do my best.

Festival -  bright and fun, reminiscent of a lively Japanese street festival.

Spring  -  soft pastels and florals

Edo Chic  -  darker, muted, sophisticated tones of old Japan.

Autumn  -   natural tones of Japan when the maples and ginko trees turn to gold and orange.

Dollmaker's Choice  - plain colours and small patterns in a variety of colours

The sample in the photo is 'Edo Chic' and is an example only. The fabrics in each bundle will vary.