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Handpainted Zuan Design  (1)
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Handpainted Zuan Design (1)

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This is an original  1920's/30's finely  hand painted design that  I think has been  for a  silk  haori jacket lining or man's  silk or wool juban under-kimono.  The design is on two separate sheets of paper that could be framed together.  Each sheet is 21cm x 40cm . There is some wear around the edges and two small tears on the top sheet . There are two small ink stains in the centre of the top sheet. 

Zuan designs were used as working designs in kimono  fabric dyeing workshops and often come with grid marks, corrections and annotations.  This particular one came in a large collection that didn't have any extra marks which makes me wonder if they might have been used  as sales tools.  

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