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MOMEN KOGIRE  CLUB  -  (Old Cotton Club)  -   3 MONTHS
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MOMEN KOGIRE CLUB - (Old Cotton Club) - 3 MONTHS

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Momen Kogire  Club  -  3 month subscription - for lovers of  old and very old Japanese cotton fabric - including sashiko and boro.   Around  the the 15th of each month I'll post you a packet of vintage Japanese cotton  - most likely indigo, but not always - to the value of at least $22.  Fabric will date from late nineteenth to mid 20th century.  It might be, for example,  a  selection of remnants and thread, or an exquisite single piece of antique katazome or kasuri.   Each Pack will come with notes about the fabric(s) which might include traditional patterns, historical information, ideas and/or inspirations. 

The price  is $75 for 3 months which  includes regular postage in Australia.  If you're happy after 3 months and would like to  purchase a 12 month subscription I'll cover the  postage and the price is $22/month.  If you decide the club's not for you, or your circumstances change, you can email me any time to cancel  and I will refund you the amount remaining of your subscription.