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Noshi Design  Tsutsugaki  Furoshiki
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Noshi Design Tsutsugaki Furoshiki

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Late 19th - Early 20th century indigo dyed furoshiki wrapping cloth.  The design is a   auspicious  noshi  gift decoration.   Noshi originated as a strip of dried abalone, a symbol of longevity.  This furoshiki is dyed by the tsutsugaki ('cone drawing') method where a rice paste resist is hand drawn on the cloth with a tsutsu cone ( a bit like using a piping bag) before being dyed.  This has some sashiko reinforcing on the corners  that has been stitched before dyeing. There is one hole and some damage to one corner ( see photos).  It's hard to tell in the photos but the  background colour is borderline green/indigo  - it looks like it's had a dip in some yellow dye (possibly miscanthus grass)  as well

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